Thursday, June 24, 2010


Buy this if you want to:

It's our new record. It's pretty awesome; someone on a messageboard said so. Huge thanks to Deathwish Inc. We appreciate that shit.

Just got back from a tour of the US. Holy shit, America, you really let yourself go to shit since we've seen you last. Time to get back on your exercise routine and live right, because this motherfucker was looking ROUGH. Here's some real "America the Beautiful" items to reflect on, just in time for the Fourth of July. Next time your drunk uncle is talking about his kid in the Marines doing our country proud and defending our way of life, show him the following slideshow and ask him to mull it over.

Instead of keeping a tour journal, we instead decided to be snarky assholes on youtube. This way you don't need to be literate to enjoy us.

For those of you who really want to live the EOAYSDF tour experience, we've compiled a soundtrack. Here's the songs we listened to most on tour, ranging from beautiful to utterly tasteless. It's like you're right there in the passenger's seat passing gas and talking about vagina with us!

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