Thursday, December 11, 2008

#8 - The 5D Decision for Life

From this day on, I decide:

- to plan and prepare to keep myself,
and the people I care about safe, and healthy

- to do my best to deter, and prevent unsafe,
and unhealthy situations from happening to
me, or those I love

- to do my best to disrupt, and interrupt
any unsafe, or unhealthy situation in progress

- to do my best to disengage, and get away
from an unsafe, or unhealthy situation
as soon as I am able

- to debrief, and discuss with a trusted
person about any unsafe or unhealthy situations
that have occurred in the past, or may occur
in the future.

___________________ __________
Signed Date

Reading, considering, and signing the 5D Decision for Life means that you have created a contract with yourself. Only you have the power to enforce it. You have now joined with many
others who have also decided to take control of their personal safety and well being.

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