Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

You see that image above? That photo is the reason communism, socialism, green anarchism, and any other well-intentioned notion of how to live fails utterly. It's also the reason your roommate can't wash his dishes. People love ruining things. It's what gets them hard. And we can try to write it off as a reaction to becoming increasingly robbed of our personhood by our modern lives, or something, but it's all baloney. Build something beautiful, water a plant, doesn't matter, BTC DUCK and his posse will come through and ruin your stuff. People will find an avenue to destroy things and shit in their own food. Time to start listening to Marilyn Manson and wearing a full arm's worth of jelly bracelets. Fuck it.

We're planning our summer. Right now we've got some fests on both coasts that we might be playing. We love a fest. It's like a show, but with more people and less obligation to sit through bands we don't like. Also, we get to see what hype is real and what is just internet conjecture. It's fun.

I'll post up some new releases we'll have with us in Europe soon. In the meantime, watch the videos below, follow links, enjoy your life.


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