Sunday, January 31, 2010


So here we go. Back to Europe. Last year we did some Oregon Trail shit and explored all the places that cost a ton of money in tolls and gas. Our choice. It was fun, but this year we're going with a smaller scope and keeping it to pretty much that well-worn circuit of Germany and the surrounding area. We'll be seeing Scandinavia for the first time though. Neat. Another place we'll be the ugliest humans in during that time. When we go to the Netherlands we become immediately cognizant of the fact we're ugly. It's like Adam biting the apple and knowing shame at his nakedness. Our last two tours of Europe were handled mightily by Flo at Trapdoor Tourz. This year we're doing the tour through George at No Decline Booking. The shows will be with our friends in Red Tape Parade. If you haven't picked up our split with them, do so.

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